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About Don Cesar City

“Don Cesar City” is an urban comedy show for all ages. The use of body theater transcends language barriers as the character, Don Cesar, creates a world of fantasy and humor by interacting with imagination and maybe even some participation from those within the audience who love performance art.

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Cesar Aedo at the Electric Theater

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Here is a video posted by a fan who visited SeaWorld when Cesar was producing Odyssea (2006)

About Cesar Aedo

Cesar Aedo is from Huancayo, Peru. Born April 1st, 1958.

As a young boy of nine years, growing up in the mountains of Peru, he, like all the other children, attended catechism every Saturday for religious lessons. After their studies, they would be treated to a special film each week. Not the films you and I might think of, no, they got to enjoy the “art of silence” through the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Laurel & Hardy. Every Saturday for a year, Cesar gazed up at the screen as he came to love those early performers and he wanted to be just like them. While others enjoyed the humor of it all, Cesar saw the art and beauty.

He was so mesmerized; he knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up and the art became his love, his life, and his passion.

While attending University in Lima, Peru, Cesar decided he wanted to study under Marcel Marceau, and he had a plan. With just $90 in his pocket and a one-way ticket to Guayaquil, Ecuador, he set out on what would become a seven-month journey as he made his way to Europe.

From Guayaquil, he traveled to Cali, and then Bogotá, Columbia where he performed on the streets to earn his way, sometimes even finding himself on the wrong side of the law! From there he headed to Canal Zone in Panama where he continued to perform on the streets. No training, just a love for his craft. And so, the story begins.

Cesar made it to Paris and studied under Marcel for four years. He then studied under Jacques Lecoq. Two of the most famous mime and body motion artists in the world.

His first opportunity to perform in the United States came in 1984 when he was invited to perform at BYU. This is where his journey truly took flight.

For the next 16 years, he traveled the world performing; then he got his big break. For several years he worked on the idea of starting his own company of performers and he pitched his ideas to anyone who would listen. Years went by and then one day he got the call.

In 1997 he was hired by SeaWorld to bring his vision to life in Orlando, Florida, and for six years he and his company of 25 performers staged “Flight of the Condor” and then “Odyssea” for another five. If you ever visited SeaWorld in Florida, you might have seen one of those shows. They have been enjoyed by almost 15 million people. Think Cirque du Soleil of the ocean.

Today, Cesar, in every aspect, is a world-class professional mime who has performed on every continent and in over 50 countries.

Much has happened since then that I don’t have room to cover now, however, this is the bottom line. He lives here, in St. George, and you have a very special opportunity to see him bring his art of silence to life at the Electric Theater. May 27th & 28th.

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